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In difficult times like these, we could all use a regular rush of feel-good endorphins to protect our bodies and minds. Join us for FREE fitness classes — brought to you live on Facebook and YouTube, from our home to yours.

Can’t make it to a session on the schedule? That’s OK! Every single one is saved to our channels immediately following the live stream, so you can take our classes whenever works for you.

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Looking to let your little ones blow off some pent-up energy?

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We’re pretty much running camps and child care from our living rooms at this point. Check out all of the children’s programming we’re livestreaming, so your kids can enjoy their favourite activities and you can enjoy a little time to yourself.

Tips and tutorials from our health and fitness experts

3 ways to boost your mood with at-home yoga and meditation

Yoga and Mediation Exercises

Y yoga instructor Emilie walks you through three simple techniques you can try right now at home to help process challenging emotions and cope with adversity.

Meditation 101

Video tutorial:
the exercise you can do in two square feet

Leg and Core Exercises

If you’ve got space to stand, you’ve got space to squat! Personal trainers Sherry and Camilla demo how to tackle this efficient leg and core strengthener.

Squat With Perfect Form

It’s okay not to feel motivated today: A trainer’s guide to living guilt-free

feeling lazy

No, you do not lack discipline if you can’t learn a new skill, finish a novel, or do whatever else that quote says you’re supposed to in the middle of a pandemic. Our trainers say: be kind to yourself!

Healthy Coping Techniques

Looking for something a little more gentle?

Head over to The Bright Spot: our online community where older adults can enjoy low-impact exercise classes, make new friends, join live conversations, and so much more.

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