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Y Virtual Camps

Terrific interactive camp options campers can attend from the comfort and safety of home. We are thrilled to be able to continue to offer virtual camp programs this fall!


We have two Virtual Camp options available this fall. All programs include six, hour and a half interactive sessions with an energetic Virtual Camp Counsellor.

Y Virtual Variety Camp

This live-interactive program takes place for six consecutive Saturdays in a secure online platform, Google Classroom. There are two time slots available for campers: 6 - 8 years old (9am - 10:30am) or 9 - 12 years old (11am - 12:30pm). This program allows participants to make new friends, play games, make crafts & experience science all led by a trained YMCA staff. Campers will receive a Y-Variety Box delivered to your home the week before your program starts, which will contain all the materials they will need, including a values bead kit and of course a piece of Y-Swag!

Y Virtual Scholar Camp

Virtual Scholar Camp is a live interactive curriculum based program lead by YMCA Staff in a secure online platform Google Classroom. Program options are Math or English and grouped by grades 1/2, 3/4, 5/6.  The time slots available are 4 - 5:30pm with Math on Wednesday and English on Thursday.  This program will compliment your child’s current education and is not a replacement. Our staff are Ontario Certified Teachers or teacher candidates.

Why your family will love Y Virtual Camps:

  • Live, interactive sessions.
    Campers will be virtually supported by their Virtual Camp Counsellor
  • Two different programs to choose from.
    Choose a virtual program that fits your campers interests
  • We deliver everything you need.
    All materials required for Virtual and Variety activities will arrive at your door step the week before the program begins
  • No supervision required.
    Designed so campers can participate independently, supervised by trained counsellors — not you!
  • Expert counsellors.
    They bring years of experience making camp fun and interactive for campers.
  • Small groups.
    Virtual Variety 1 YMCA Camp Counsellor for 8 campers. Virtual Scholar 1 Certified Teacher / Teacher Candidate for 4 campers.
  • Age-appropriate programming.
    Depending on the program you register for, there are different time slots for different age groups and/or grades

$185.00 for the 6-week program

Includes all materials, delivered to your doorstep for Virtual Science, Visual Arts and Variety Camp programs.

1.5 hour weekly, engaging sessions

Programs run weekly, from Nov 7 until Dec 12.

A young girl enjoying YMCA programming from home

How Y Virtual Camp works

We built virtual camp to be hassle-free for all you busy parents out there

Prior to the first day of your program, you'll receive a welcome email with all the information you will need.

The Friday before the program starts, your YMCA Camp-in-a-Box magically arrives on your doorstep (thank you, Purolator!)

We send the link and Instructions for your secure Google Meet straight to your inbox the week before

Your campers have a blast in their virtual camp sessions!

They love it, tell all their friends, and beg you to register them for next year! 🙂

What is Camp-in-a-Box?

Your Camp-in-a-Box package is the hassle-free way we provide busy parents like you with everything you need for camp.

Art Supplies from the YMCA

  • Arrives on your doorstep the Friday before program starts.
  • Includes a YMCA Values Beads kit and a piece of Y swag!
  • Includes all the materials your camper(s) will require for the program activities including detailed, easy-to-follow instructions with pictures.
  • Counsellors will lead your camper(s) through the activity, clarifying instructions, answering questions, and providing encouragement along the way.
  • All of the materials for these activities are safe for younger kids. However, younger children may require assistance from an older sibling, parent, or guardian.

A typical day at Y Virtual Camp

  • Welcome and Community Building Activity
  • Camp-in-a-Box Activity
  • Bio Break
  • Active Fit Break
  • Camp-in-a-Box Activity
  • Virtual High Fives

Y Virtual Camp Scholar

Continue to build your camper’s Math and English skills in a fun, virtual camp environment!

Virtual Scholar is a live, interactive curriculum based program led by YMCA Staff in a secure online platform, Google Classroom. This program will compliment your child’s current education and is not a replacement.

  • Credible instructors
    Your camper(s) will learn from energetic camp counsellors that are also teacher candidates or certified teachers
  • Small groups
    With only four campers per session, yours will get lots of attention and personalized guidance.
  • Focused sessions
    Register your camper for Math or English, in a time slot of their school grade.

$185.00 for a 6 week program

1.5 hour sessions


Fall program starts the week of November 7th for 6 consecutive weeks

Registration is open! Register now! Registration closes October 30th.

Please note that Camp-in-a-Box is not included with Y Virtual Camp Scholar

About the platform (used for all Y Virtual Camps)

To participate in Y Virtual Camp, you’ll need a secure Internet connection and access to a tablet or laptop with a web cam so you can join us using Google Meet in Google Classrooms.

Google Classrooms:

  • Secure.
    Campers will be invited to a secure Google Meeting in Google Classrooms using their own Gmail Account.
  • Easy for you.
    Many school boards use the platform so many kids already know their way around.
  • Second nature for us.
    Our Camp Counsellors are highly trained in use of the program.

Getting campers ready for camp:

  • Your camper will need their own unique Gmail account to be able to participate
  • The campers’ Gmail should include their full first and last name as it appears on their camp registration
  • A great way to set up a camper’s Gmail account is using Family Link
  • Parents will need their own Gmail account to be able to use Family Link
  • Family Link allows parents to know campers are safe online and monitor their activity – read more about Family Link

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